xShoe4Rhino 4 SR2

New license manager, including online licenses.

Options: Deprecated “Part Features”

Options: Plugin update system bug fixed

Options: Grading system creation bug fixed

Options: Deprecated “Components”

Picture 1To1: Deprecated “Properties”

Import 3D Points: Deprecated “Properties”

Orient by Bottom: Deprecated “Properties”

Bottom Flow: Deprecated “Properties”

Bottom Flow: New algoritm

Bottom Unroll: Deprecated “Properties”

Bottom Unroll: New algoritm

Surface from Bottom: Deprecated “Properties”

Extend and Trim: Side to trim in paralel mode bug fixed.

Multiple Offset: Side to offset in paralel mode bug fixed.

Multiple Offset: Planar curves method updated.

Grading: The maximum size allowed changed from 100 to Decimal.MaxValue

Grading: LengthBall method improved accuracy.

Grading: Grading information xml extension support.

Copy to Active Part: The part name can be anywere in the layer name.

Copy to Active Part: Option to check if the object exists in the destination layer added.

Copy to Active Part: Deprecated “Wizard”

Copy to Active Part: Cancel support.

Slope Surface: Support to SubD and Mesh objects.

Clone Sweep: Support to SubD, Extrusion and Mesh objects.

Clone Sweep: Flip option added.

Clone Sweep: Cancel point edition without canceling the command added.