Extend and Trim
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  Trim then extends the curves that intersect with the cutting curve and deletes all non intersecting curves that are in the cutting side.

  1. Download this file and open it in Rhinoceros v5.
2. Run the command 'Extend and Trim'.
2. Select the red closed curve as the closed cutting curve.
3. Select all the green curves as curves to 'ExTrim'.
4. Set the 'ExtendDistance'.
5. Set the 'ExtendType':
6. Select any location outside the cutting curve.

Command-line options
  ExtendDistance: Set the distance to extend all the curves to extend that intersects with the cutting curve.
ExtendType: Set the mode how the curves to extrim will be extended.

  - This command uses apparent intersections to trim so the selected curves can be 2D or 3D.

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