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  Creates a array of offset curves with the given parameters.

  1. Download this file and open it in Rhinoceros v5.
2. Run the command 'Multiple Offset'.
3. Set the 'Step'.
4. Set the 'From'.
5. Set the 'To'.
6. Set the 'Corner'.
7. Set the 'Contour'.
8. Select the red curves as the curves to offset.
9. Set the curve start point by clicking over the direction arrow.
10. Set the curve direction by clicking over the ghost direction arrow.
11. Select any location outside the curves.

Command-line options
  OutputProperties: If is set to 'Input', clones the input object properties.
Step: Set the distance each offset curve, in other words the array step.
From: Set the distance to the first offset curve.
To: Set the distance to the last offset curve.
Corner: Specifies how offset corner continuity handled. These options only apply if the offset direction is to the 'outside'.
Contour: If is set to 'True', connects each offset curve and creates a single curve as result.

  - Both planar and 3D curves are allowed.
- Both open and closed curves are allowed.

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