Display the plugin information: version and license status.
Manages the xShoe4Rhino plug-in global options.

Input / Output

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Draws a rectangular planar surface in real size of the specified image.
Import 3D Points
Imports file(s) with the XYZ format into a specified origin.
Export 3D Points
Export a set of curves or points into a file in the XYZ or NC format.

Insole Tools

Orient by Insole
Orients the rotation, swing and tilt of a given insole curve.
Insole Flow
Flow a planar insole into a side view.
Insole Unroll
Unroll a insole into planar.
Insole Axis Line
Creates a line representing the mirror axis of the heel.
Insole Middle Curve
Creates a curve representing the middle of the insole.
Insole Heel Mirror
Mirror the insole curve at the heel region.


Extend and Trim
Trim then extends the curves that intersect with the cutting curve and deletes all non intersecting curves that are in the cutting side.
Multiple Offset
Creates a array of offset curves with the given parameters.
Convert the selected curves into 'dashed' curves with the given parameters.
Copies an object to a set of objects.


Scale Sizes
Scales a set of objects with given parameters.
Edit shrinkage to objects.
Curve Morph
Morphs a set of objects with given closed curves.
Project Morph
Morphs a set of objects with given surfaces.

Mold Tools

Copy to Active Part
Copies a part into another using the layer structure set in the options.
Orient by Holes
Orients sketches in the XY plane using reference holes.
Probe Compensation
Creates the real path of a probe.
Mold Block
Creates the mold block.
Split Surface
Set the split surface with given parameters.
Slope Surface
Create a set of slope surfaces.
Clone Sweep
Clones a surface by extracting cross-sections into another profile(s).
Create a zigzag Z path from curves.
Make Cuts
Draws cuts from objects.
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