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  Draws a rectangular planar surface in real size of the specified image.

  1. Run the command 'Picture 1:1'.
2. Select 'Browse' or press 'Enter' to select the image to import.
3. Select this image and click 'Open'.

Command-line options
  OutputProperties: If the active layer, or any children, matches with any layer set in the Options > Assemblies > Parts, this option is enabled and then you can set the output properties for the command object(s).
Browse: Select the image to import.
CalibrationFactor: Scale factor for calibration proposes.

  - This command is CPlane sensitive.
- Supported file types: BitMaP (BMP), Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPG, JPEG), PiCture eXchange (PCX), Portable Network Graphics (PNG) and Tagged Image File Format (TIF, TIFF).
- You may calibrate your scanner by digitizing a precision ruler and use the option 'CalibrationFactor'.

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