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  Morphs a set of objects with given surfaces.

  1. Download this file and open it in Rhinoceros 6®.
2. Run the command 'Project Morph'.
3. Select the green surface as 'Destination Surface'.
4. Select the red surface as 'Origin Surface'.
5. Select all remaining objects as 'Objects to Morph'.
6. Set the 'Control Step' to 2.5.
7. Set the 'Deformation' to 'Fast'.

Command-line options
  Control Step: Distance between control points.
    The Accurate option makes the deformation slower to update and may result in denser objects.
    The Fast option creates objects that have fewer control points and are therefore less accurate.

  - This command is available in scripting and interactive mode.
- The 'Destination Surface' XY bounding box must be bigger than all the other selected object or else the projection will miss the target.
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