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  Scales a set of objects with given parameters.

  1. Download this file and open it in Rhinoceros 6®.
2. Run the command 'Scale Sizes'.
3. Select the blue curve as 'Insole Curve'.
4. Select all remaining objects as 'Objects to Scale'.
5. Set the 'Main Origin' to '0,0,0'.
6. Set the 'Sizes Vector' from '0,0,0' to '0,150,0'.
7. Adjust the 'Dimensions' if needed.
8. Set the desired scale increments.
9. Set the desired size range.
10. Select the tab 'Sizes'.
11. Edit the list as desired.
12. Select the tab 'Groups'.
13. Add groups if needed.

  Dimensions: The length, width and height used to compute the sizes.
Units: The length, width and height to increment between each integer size.
   The units displayed in the list are set in the plugin Options > Units Size Range: The current size, the start, step and end of the sizes to scale.

  Size List: The list of sizes to scale and the correspondent insole dimension.

  Group List: The list of objects with special scale factors to scale factors.

  Scale Information.
   Save scale information in CSV format.
   Save scale information in XML format.
Mill Procedures.
   File with the NC procedures to mill.
   'Decimal Separator' for the fractional values.
   List of variables to find and replace in the selected NC file.

  - A sample of a Heidenhain NC procedures file can be found here. You must create your own to work with your CNC machine.

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