Slope Surface
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  Create a set of slope surfaces.

  1. Download this file and open it in Rhinoceros 6®.
2. Run the command 'Slope Surface'.
3. Select the green lines as the slope lines.
4. Select the blue surface as the base surface.
5. Set the 'Preview' to 'Yes'.
6. Set the parameters as desired.

Command-line options
  OutputProperties: If is set to 'Input', the result object(s) will be have the same properties of the selected object.
Width: The slope surface width.
DeepAtStart: The distance to the surface at the start of the selected line.
DeepAtEnd: The distance to the surface at the end of the selected line.
FlipCurves: Flip the direction of all the selected lines.
FlipDirection: Flip the projection direction to the selected surfaces.
Preview: Enables the command result preview.

  - You can select the curves or surfaces in order to flip the direction.

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