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  Set the split surface with given parameters.

  1. Download this file and open it in Rhinoceros 6®.
2. Run the command 'Split Surface'.
3. Set the parameters as desired.
4. Select the blue curves as the curves on split.
5. Select the red curve as the mold countour.

Command-line options
  OutputProperties: If the active layer, or any children, matches with any layer set in the Options > Assemblies > Parts, this option is enabled and then you can set the output properties for the command object(s).
BlendDistance: Distance between the end of the extension and the planar region.
ExtendDistance: Distance between the tip of the insole curve and the blend region.
ConnectionDistance: Distance between the tip and the middle of the insole curve.
SwingTilt: Allows the plugin to rotate the insole curve in order to extract an optimized result.
Tolerance: Overall command tolerance.


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