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  Create a zigzag Z path from curves.

  1. Download this file and open it in Rhinoceros 6®.
2. Run the command 'ZSteps'.
3. Set the 'ZStep' to 1.
4. Set the 'Rapid' to Yes.
5. Set the 'RapidValue' to 75.
6. Select the green curves as the curves.
7. Select the red surface as the start surface.
8. Select the blue surface as the end surface.

Command-line options
  ZStep: The distance between the steps.
Rapid: Uses a Z rapid value to start the curve.
RapidValue: Z Rapid value to start the curve.
StartExtend: Extends the start of the curve.
EndExtend: Extends the end of the curve.
Tolerance: Intersect tolerance to surfaces.


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